Tabletop Game Expo 2020 Vision

The vision of Tabletop Game Expo 2020 is to have lots of fun activities, an impressive trade show and a awesome Stage program.

Compared to last year, Expo 2020 aims to have:

  • More organized tournaments. E.g. Vampire, X-wing, KeyForge, Boardgames such as Ticket to ride, Carcassone and Catch the moon.

  • More Roleplaying: sessions, workshops, game master meetup.

  • A family section with oversized games, building blocks, roleplaying with kids and help to get families started.

  • Game design focus, with play-testing and distributor networking

  • More planned activities such as: "Learn to play Wingspan!", "Chess, from the beginning", "Build your own sword" in the live roleplaying workshop, "Get started with 3D printing".

  • Larger Trade show with more game developers, shops, distributors etc.

  • Spelloppis Limited to Sunday only.

  • Continued awesome stage program, and half the talks in English.