Activity Program

Explore all the fun activities at Tabletop Game Expo!

Board game library

Come right up! We'll help group you together, find a good game based on your interest and level, and show you how to play!

Where: Gaming Area

Role playing sessions

Sign up or drop-in, we have role playing sessions going on the entire weekend!

More info in the Role playing program.

Where: Gaming Area

Role playing workshop

Join the character-building workshop! Run by Spel för 17! sponsored by Fria Ligan.

Where: Gaming Area

Role playing improvisation workshop

A workshop in improvisation, for everyone who wants to try theater tricks for a more dramatix experience.

Where: Science Fiction Bokhandeln  (Booth 26)

Green screen

Take some photos (with your own phone) with our green screen! Play around with backgrounds and share with your friends.

Where: Trade Show Area - Booth 22

Miniature gaming – X-wing!

Fight the empire – or for it. X-wing is a 2-player-battle-miniature-game set in the Star Wars universe. Come try it out!

Run by Wampas.

Where: Trade Show Area - Booth 8

Miniature gaming – A song of ice and fire!

Game of Thrones miniatures in epic battles and intrigues. "Winter is coming!"

Learn how to play on Saturday. On Sunday, a tournament is held.

Where: Gaming Area

Paint miniatures

Curious about how to paint a miniature? Drabanten will show you how it's done, and help you paint your own to bring home (at a low cost).

Where: Trade Show Area - Booth 8

​Build miniature dioramas

​​See how terrain and miniatures come together. Drabanten showcases how dioramas are build, and give tips and tricks through out the two days. Lead by Jonnie Karlsson, who painted miniatures in the picture. 

Where: Trade Show Area - Booth 8

Build gaming environments

Learn to create gaming environments for miniaturegaming and roleplaying. 

Where: Science Fiction Bokhandeln (Booth 23)

Vampire the Eternal Struggle

Try out Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, a multiplayer collectible card game by Black Chantry Productions. Both social and strategic this game promises intrigue, manipulation and pacts. Drop-in and the game will start when we gather 3 to 5 people

Where: Gaming Area

Beat the designer at his own game, with Rustan Håkansson and Dungeon Rush!

Sunday 10-12

Dungeon Rush is a fast paced four player card game which lasts for 15-20 minutes. The top three players with the highest scores win a copy of the game each, thanks to! They also get to challenge the game creator himself, Rustan Håkansson!

Where: Gaming Area

Klask turnering

Learn this fast game and compete right away! Run by Föreningen Dragon's Lair

Where: Trade Show Area - Booth 26

Magic the Gathering

Immensely popular trading card game with about 20 million players (2015). cEDH format tournament on Saturday and demonstration on Sunday for curious souls. Run by Commanders Club.

Where: Gaming Area

3D printing

See a printer live, and learn more about how 3D printing works!

Where: Trade Show Area - Booth 28

In the Trade Show many exhibitors run demos set up for you to see and try games.

Stay tuned! Even more things are in the works...