Creators Alley

Find fantastic games, artwork, jewelry, books, -- made by passionate people.

Enjoy the handicrafts and take the opportunity to meet the creators, first hand. 

Spelloppis vs Creators Alley

At Spelloppis second hand games are sold at a reduced price, by private persons. The purpose is to recyle, make space at home, make some money etc.

In Creators Alley, you'll meet people who created something special: games or game-related things.

The creators in Creators Alley strive to fund more creations (e.g. works of art, masterpieces, inventions, and handicrafts), market their brands, connect with customers, and show their stuff.

Creators Alley helps start businesses and gives you a chance to meet the creators.

Fotograf Cecilia Olsson, @ NärCon

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