Date 2020! and Solnahallen review

Fredrik, Dan and I went to Solnahallen on Friday (14/6) for a review and setting date for Tabletop Game Expo 2020.

We are doing it 25-26 april, 2020! Woop Woop!

Solnahallen is very happy with us. They had other customers preliminary booked that date, but put effort into moving the other ones so we could have it! We are also happy with them.

We will have pretty much the same deal with Solnahallen as last year. One differens:

Will push the curtain to the stage closer, creating less dead space in the stage area.

We will start calling 2019 crew individually. Asking about interest for 2020. :)

We will probably need some more people in the crew. If you get a chans, maybe ask your friends if they want to join?

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