Trade Show

At the Trade Show game producers, stores and distributors will show you (and sell) the latest and best games in market.

Below we have listed the lineup so far. Pretty good right?

Don't forget to check out the Creators Alley, where smaller game designers and creators of game-related things will show off their creations.

Asmodee Nordics

In general Asmodee Nordics offers more than 3,000 different products – Many translated into Nordic languages, but a large part in English language – especially targeted towards gaming and hobby-stores.


One of Stockholms Friendly Local Game Store. Miniature games, Boardgames,  Cardgames, Role Playing games, Collectible figures, Dice and Game accessories.

The store has tables for gaming on sight!

Dragon's Lair

Has over 3000 different boardgames in stock and a massive stock of cards for Magic the Gathering, Yu Gi Oh!, Pokemon etc. Experienced sellers walk the floor, helping you find the perfect game for you!

​SF Bokhandeln

Board games, miniatures, role playing games, books, merch... a haven for nerds of all sorts!

Fria Ligan

Free League Publishing, publishes fiction, art books and role play in Sweden and internationally. Their goal is to open doors to foreign worlds and attract people to explore them.



FryxGames is a family business from Sweden. With a passion for games they have created big hits, incl. Terraforming Mars, winner of multiple prizes and currently number 4 on Board Game Geeks Top ranked board games.

Micro Art Studio

Micro Art Studio is a producer, who's main products are different scenic bases and terrain for wargaming and role playing games. They concentrate on Sci-fi and steampunk but you can find some items that may be used in any wargame.

Brä / Spilbræ

They distribute games from companies such as Lautapelit (Flamme Rouge, Honshu, Eclipse), Kosmos (Catan, EXIT), Blue Orange (Kingdomino) and many many more!

Unicorn Design

Unicorn Design sell beautiful fantasy inspired jewelry!

ION Game Design

Ion Game Design is a Swedish board game developer, publisher & board game consultant agency.


Boardgames, pussels, toys, air-hockey, table tennis etc. These guys bring the fun!

All or None Games

All or None Games are a publisher of new original board games! Inkluding the kickstarter success Dicetopia.

Leandoer Publishing

Since 2005 Leandoer Publishing create  and sell military history books with focus on the secund world war, modell books, fiction history and t-shirts with military print.

Galaxy Zega

Galaxy ZEGA introduces a mixed reality game which allows you to synch your phone or tablet with fysical robots, and challenge friends in battle! What makes Galaxy Zega special is the upgrade posibilities which allows your robot to perform better in battle. 

Safe & Sound

Safe ‘N’ Sound produces a unique system of packaging, storing and transporting figurines from ALL wargames systems. Our mission is to ensure your figurines’ comfortable & safe condition of storage and the best possible protection during transportation.

Allt på ett kort

Allt på ett kort offers a collection of boardgames and cardgames. Our ambition is to spread the analog gaming and be a bubbling waterholw for the hobby.


FANDRAKE produces awesome coffee table-books for nerds, fans and gamers. You will never have to think about the perfect gift or present again, they have what your friends most want!

Sveriges Schackförbund

Chess has fascinated people for more than 1400 years. In addition to being a great game, chess is also a tool for education and is used in schools all over the world.


Warlord will come and demo their historical hits: Blood Red Skies and Cruel Seas

Dice cafe

Dice Cafe is the first board game cafe in Stockholm.
They offer a wide range of pastries, sandwiches and salads as well as hot and cold drinks. And of course tabletop games. Right now there is over 250 different board games, card games and quizzes.