Organizing team 2021?

If you want to run a section, or develop your idea into reality for 2021, we are interested in hearing from you!


We almost solely ask volunteers, who we have met and worked with to join, as we work very close, have multiple meetups during the year and grow a friendship.

Want to join our Volonteer-Crew?

Tabletop Game Expo is a team effort. We have a organizing team who plans and work throughout the year, then we have lots of great volonteers who help out at the Expo!

We need help with entrance, setup, stage, wardrobe, info-booth, demoing games etc.




When signing up, you chose which, and how many work-blocks you want to help out in. Each block is about 3h. You can also limit the roles you want to help out with.


You get to join an great team and help create something awesome! We, the organizing team are very grateful and thank you!

In addition you get some stuff:

For one block (3h)
- Entrance ticket, T-shirt, snacks

- If one block/day then 2 T-shirts (one per day) and entrance both days.

For two blocks (6h)
- Entrance ticket, T-shirt, snacks + food

For three or more blocks (9+h) total both days
- Above + Merchendice and more food depending on the schedule. No one goes hungry!