Playtesting Area

We have plenty of great game designers in Sweden. They want your feedback on their latest games. Come and try them, tell them what you think and get a chance to see the future in gaming!

Game designer?

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All game designers must follow the rules listed below.



  • During the event, Playtest Area will be located at Gaming Area

  • Be at the Playtest Area 15 minutes before your booked playtesting session time, so you can prepare and inform volunteers about your game so they can find players for you

  • The end time of your session will be strictly observed, allowing everyone to utilize their time

  • You are allowed to bring banners to entice testers and bring attention to your game. Playtest Area or Tabletop Game Expo will NOT provide or allow hanging banners or other materials on the walls, chairs or tables.

  • Upon arrival you will be provided with:

    • A 180x80cm table and 6 chairs

    • An A4 sign where you can state the name of the game and designer, number of players, time to explain rules and time to play. Those signs will be visible on your table during the session.

    • A number of feedback forms you can use to collect feedback from your players

  • Before your first run, volunteers on the Playtest Area will ask you, the designers, to quickly tell them about their game and then will try and bring players to the tables

  • When your playtesters complete the feedback form for you they will be entered into a prize draw for a board game. You keep the feedback form and we will cut off the top right-hand corner to be entered into the prize draw. 

  • You (or a proxy) will need to be present to explain the game and supervise the playtesting.

  • Shorter games tend to be easier to playtest at these events, as attendees are more likely to sit down for 15-45 mins to play and discuss a game rather than several hours. That is not to say that longer games can't be playtested; they can. If your game is much longer, it might be useful to playtest a couple of turns or an aspect of the gameplay that needs feedback.

  • It is advisable to have written rules to refer to and a 30 second pitch that you can use to entice the playtesters, most of whom will be Expo attendees and fellow designers.

  • Playtesting is only for games in developmental stage, were feedback is welcomed and will affect the game development. No selling is allowed in the Playtest Area or anywhere else in the Game Expo if it is related to the game under development.

It would be highly appreciated if you could spend some time playtesting other people's designs in the Playtest Area :)