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11-12 Writing horror - The creation of dark worlds (Language not decided)

Gunilla Jonsson and Michael Petersen, creators of role-playing games, such as KULT and Mutant, talk about horror, the creation of dark worlds, and dark character creation. Right now, they’re working on a new book series that’s set in the world of KULT, and we’ll get a look inside their process. Moderator: Gabrielle de Bourg.

12-13 Interview with a Veteran: Rustan Håkansson (English)

A panel of four up and coming game designers will ask industry veteran and designer Rustan Håkansson about the pecularities of the game design industry. There are a lot of things to think about, whatever role you want to fill in the industry. It is very helpful to know about other roles, even if you have no intention of going outside your own role. Moderated by Fabricio Leotti.

13-13.30 Chess as an educational tool (Swedish)

Chess has fascinated people for more than 1400 years. Today, chess is used as an educational tool in schools worldwide, and Sweden has the largest competition for school youth in the world. Why is chess so valuable in school? Why are there so many organizations in the US, which think that chess can save the lives of youth? Why have board games fascinated humankind for so long? Christofer Martin, from Sweden’s Chess Association, answers some of these questions.

13.30-14 3D Print and play! (English)

Having ideas for a new board game or a cosplay costume? What if you could print them? In this talk I will show you how bringing your ideas to the real world through 3D printing is more accessible and less complicated than you might think.


14-15 Nostalgia and retro futurism - A talk between Simon Stålenhag and Orvar Säfström (Language not decided)

Simon Stålenhag is a celebrated artist, musician, and designer best known for his digital paintings of futuristic Swedish environments. His works of art have formed the foundation for a range of books and games such as Tales from the Loop and Things from the Flood.

Orvar Säfström is a video game journalist and founder of Fandrake -- a publishing company that specializes in coffee-table books for nerds, fans, and gamers.

During this talk, they dive into the strange world of nostalgia, retro futurism, gaming, and bird watching.


15-16 Brädspelspodden Live (Swedish)

Watch and listen to a live episode of Brädspelspodden; the podcast speakers discuss some recent games and give you an exciting, top-choice list.

16-17 Panel about board game design

Jonas and Josef from Brädspelspodden lead a board-game discussion. They invited some of Sweden’s greatest board-game designers. Listen to Rustan Håkansson (Nations and Tribes: Early Civilization), Jacob Fryxelius (Terraforming Mars and After the Virus), and Jon Manker (Expedition Zetta and Crusader Kings). These famous designers share their board-game designing experiences and provide tips on how YOU could go on to make the next great board game. The panel ends with an extensive Q&A session during which panelists respond to questions.  

17-18 Extra Q and A time with the board design panel


10-11 : Speldjävlar & Dan Glimne’s worst gaming memories (Swedish)

The good, the bad, and the funny – memories from our tabletop experiences – when people tried to rope us into bad deals, got the best of us with back stabbing, or acted like total fools at the table. Friendships were missed and broken due to these – nonetheless funny – memories.

11-12 Post-mortem: Expedition Zetta - A Snapshot of Todays Indie board-game Publishing Processes (English)

Jon Manker and Besime Uyanik share their thoughts and experiences regarding design, development, Kickstarter, manufacturing, and fulfillment of Expedition Zetta. Manker is lead designer of Ion Game Design and the Expedition Zetta game designer. Uyanik is CEO of Ion Game Design – plus production and shipping manager for Expedition Zetta).

12-13 Bitter & Tysk the podcast - live (Swedish)

Three grumpy old men discuss board games, board gaming, and other things that might make you question their sanity.


13-14 From hobby to international publishing with Enoch Fryxelius (Swedish)

What started as a hobby in one of the biggest families in Sweden, became an internaional business, reaching the whole world and incolving dozens of publishing partners. Follow us as we tell our tale...

14-14.30 From miniature to 2-meter Spacemarine!

If you grew up with Warhammer, you have probably always wondered what it takes to build your own Spacemarine. Experienced cosplayers explain how to to it, materials, equipment and color techniques.

15-16 Cosplay competition

Expert judges Laura Sipilä, Johanna Schramm and Linn Eriksson, known from TV, winner of prices and with years of experience of building cosplay, will choose the winner, best cosplay suit within the theme: tabletop games!

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16-17 Closing Ceremony